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Brookman Technology
Product ImageBrookman Technology, Inc. (BTI) was founded at Hamamatsu, Japan in 2006 as Brookman Lab, Inc., by leading expert for CMOS image sensor; Dr. Shoji Kawahito, a Professor in Electrical Engineering at Shizuoka University. Since then, BTI have been working on many kinds of CMOS Analog and Mixed Signal IC design as well as the design of advanced CMOS Image Sensors for wide range of applications.

Product ImagePixelplus is Korean based CMOS Image Sensor company with strong expertise on entire image sensing and processing. With such uniqueness, the company motivates for providing broaden product line of affordable single chip CMOS Image Sensor embedded ISP and/or Analog Tx as well as providing for application specific ISP and Transmitter and Receiver. Pixelplus is a pioneer of WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology adopted for CMOS Image Sensor and it has been deployed for security, automotive and industrial applications widely.