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Part Number

Effective Pixels  (H x V)

Optical Format 

 Pixel Size  Shutter             Type



Output Interface

  Chroma     Package    Datasheet    
 CMV300  640 x 480  1/3  7.4um x 7.4um  Global Shutter

 480fps (LDVS12bit)


 4-lane LDVS  monochrome and RGB  58pin BGA  cmv300_product sheet.pdf


 2048 x 1088  2/3

 5.5um x 5.5um

 Global Shutter

 340fps (10bit)

70fps (12bit)

 16-lane LDVS  monochrome and RGB

 95pin uPGA

92pin LCC

 cmv2000_product sheet.pdf
 CMV4000  2048 x 2048  1  5.5um x 5.5um  Global Shutter

 180fps (10bit)

37fps (12bit)

 16-lane LDVS  monochrome and RGB

 95pin uPGA

92pin LCC

 cmv4000_product sheet.pdf
 CMV8000  3360 x 2496  4/3  5.5um x 5.5um  Global Shutter

104fps (10bit)

46fps (12bit)

 16-lane LDVS

 monochrome and RGB  107pin uPGA  cmv8000_product sheet.pdf
CMV12000 4096 x 3072 APS-like 5.5um x 5.5um Global Shutter

300fps (10bit)

132fps (12bit)

64-lane LDVS monochrome and RGB 237pin uPGA  cmv12000_product sheet.pdf
CMV20000 5120 x 3840 35mm 6.4um x 6.4um Global Shutter 30fps (12bit) 16-lane LDVS monochrome and RGB 143pin PGA  cmv20000_product sheet.pdf
CMV50000 7920 x 6004 35mm (36.43 x 27.62) 4.6um x 4.6um Global Shutter 30fps 22-lane LDVS monochrome and RGB 141pin PGA  cmv50000_product sheet.pdf
 CHR70M  10000 x 7096   35mm  3.1um x 3.1um  Rolling Shutter  3fps  8 analog channels  monochrome and RGB  65pin PGA  chr70m_product sheet.pdf



CMOSIS provides High Speed & High Fullwell Capacity sensor [CSI2100] for X-ray dertector. Please contact us if you need more information.


Custom Design

CMOSIS offers full customs sensors for various applications.